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Mycelium Network is a relational space to grow and weave the global regenerative network through meeting your individual needs.

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Allow mycelium to make it happen.

In one hour cozy digital session for up to 10 people, you will clarify your need, verbalise it out loud, and find your need steward - a person committed to help you make it happen.

You can think of it as an infinite multiplayer game, with a shared goal of meeting as many needs as possible.We are outcollaborating competitive mindset and moving towards gift economy, in order to grow and weave the global regenerative network.

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Mycelium Network is a network cross-pollination initiative developed by the Traditional Dream Factory, Gaianet, with support from other regenerative projects in the vast, and constantly expanding ecosystem 🌳

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You can support Mycelium Network via Open Collective.


Mycelium Network started as a regenerative network cross-pollination initiative focused on clarifying, expressing and meeting needs of individuals (people before projects), through flowplay facilitation and the concept of needs stewardship.Mycelium Network is currently developed by MichaΕ‚ Korzonek and Bart Hoorweg, with support from Robert Schram, Traditional Dream Factory's Community Circle and other regenerative communities.Mushroom illustrations by Silvia Bastos πŸ’œ.

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